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When enterprises choose ROB-EX to manage their production, they place a lot of trust in our digital software system. ROB-EX sets the optimal time for production of each item in the product portfolio, provides the tools for rescheduling orders, notifies planners and production about the availability of materials and pinpoints bottlenecks.

We take the trust we are shown seriously. It is important that ROB-EX users are not simply left to fend for themselves, once they have purchased our system. We work closely together with our customers, whether it is during the activation process itself or once the activation process has been completed. That is why it is standard procedure that ROB-EX Support takes over after the activation process.

”ROB-EX controls entire productions, so help must be available immediately, if something goes wrong. We have a real responsibility towards our customers. Here we’re dedicated to making good on the customer’s trust in us,” says Support Team Lead at ROB-EX A/S, Katrine Tangaa Andresen, and she continues: ”We’re not a tucked away support unit that customers only get to meet after the activation process. We’re actively involved from the beginning of each project. We participate in the initial meetings and we guide customers through the installation. This means that we already know the customers, and they know us, when we take over after activation. The activation process itself is headed and carried out by our specialists, but we’re involved in guiding the customer, and providing instructions. We’re also involved at the end of each project, and in connection with the internal transfer of the customer. This makes us really well equipped to support our customers after the activation. I would actually go as far as saying that it’s a must that we be included as much as possible, both before, during and after the activation process. The better we know the customer, their needs and their setup, the better we are able to provide the best possible support and assistance. And the faster things can get fixed. It’s simply easier to help someone, when you know them. Time is of the essence, if something goes wrong. It takes too much time to have to start figuring what and who you are dealing with, once a problem has already turned up. The time that we spend with and for each customer, throughout the entire process, is of great value both to us and our customers.”


The internal customer transfer is the key to strong support

When ROB-EX Support takes over after an activation process, the first step is an internal customer transfer, conducted with the ROB-EX specialist, who has headed the activation process. The specialist takes the Support Team through the customer’s specific solution and setup. The Support Team is introduced to the customer’s enterprise and the team goes through the data structure that has been applied in each case. If specialised functions have been developed for the given solution, the Support Team will be introduced to these at the customer transfer. This means that the ROB-EX Support Team are fully prepared and informed so that they are ready and able to assist each customer, both in the event of a problem, or if the customer needs advice or user guides for their particular solution.

”The Support Team receives all kinds of requests and enquiries. Ranging from how to carry out specific operations in ROB-EX to questions concerning error alerts or notifications. All IT systems are affected by faults, errors or malfunctions once in a while, and that goes for ROB-EX too. When this happens, it’s our job to fix the problem and get the customer back up and running as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. This is where we prove that we take our responsibility as a software supplier seriously,” explains Katrine.


Help must be available whenever it is needed

ROB-EX Support Team is aware of their responsibilities in ensuring that the trust that customers have shown in choosing ROB-EX is honoured. If problems arise, help must be available quickly. If the situation cannot be resolved immediately, the customer is kept apprised of the status on corrections. It must be helpful and hassle-free to contact ROB-EX Support to report a problem, and customers agree:

”It is really easy to reach everyone at ROB-EX, and I am quite impressed by this. The Support Team always helps us through whatever issue we have, and there’s never any hassle with them. I always get all the help that I need,” says Production Planner, Thomas Reich, from Maskinfabrikken Silkeborg Spåntagning.

This is also what Australian Bodycare has experienced, since their implementation of ROB-EX in 2021. Esben Kristoffersen, Supply Chain Manager and Co-Owner of Australian Bodycare, explains: ”ROB-EX Support works really well for us, and I’ve really been very happy with their assistance. They really must be commended for this. It’s not very often that I experience someone that pro and hands-on, as soon as I make contact. They simply fix things immediately. Even though I’m the impatient type, I am totally cool with Katrine from ROB-EX Support reporting back that she is on the case and will get back to me when she has a solution to the problem. I know that I can safely leave things with her, and that she will get the job done without delay. It’s really awesome!”


Efficient and reliable customer services are a must at ROB-EX Support

”We know how frustrating it can be, if there’s something in ROB-EX that’s not working as it should. That’s why we approach each customer with the greatest of respect for the work that they do and their time. Communication and efficient services are major factors in our support work, and it’s just so important that we always keep that in mind. This is why we make such an effort to build good relations with our customers. We are on the same wave-length, when they call and we have even had a customer swing by the office with cake ”..just because..”. That’s something that really makes you feel appreciated, and it really shows us that we are doing things right,” concludes Katrine.

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