ROB-EX 7.2 is ready for download

Our new version of ROB-EX, version 7.2, is ready for download and we have been looking forward to presenting all the new features and improvements.

We have reduced the processing time and produce more goods

Like the majority of manufacturing companies Billund Aquaculture constantly face changing circumstances. Before ROB-EX, urgent orders would cause hours of extra work for the planners and it would be difficult to get a full overview over the consequences. Now, ROB-EX provides the insights needed in almost no time.

Merry Christmas!

We wish customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We are moving

From December 30th 2021 our new address is: Billedskaerervej 17, 1 sal, 5230 Odense M, Denmark

Resilience achieved through digital production scheduling

With the covid-19 pandemic, manufacturing enterprises have become acutely aware of the need for resilience, i.e. the ability to adapt successfully to external and internal jolts, challenges and changes. However what can manufacturing enterprises do, when society is locked down, and key people in the organisation are told to work from home? How is it even imaginable that production planners can carry out their scheduling just as efficiently from home?

Visual plans give better understanding and responsiveness

“ROB-EX is a great help in our planning process. One of the big advantages is that it makes our plans visual so that everyone can understand them and so that all dependencies are clear. We see the gaps at once and can make adjustments in time,” says Christian Juul Jørgensen, Country Manager Latvia at East Metal.

Now we can deliver an order confirmation in only 5 minutes

With ROB-EX the planning process at Knudsen Extrusion has become easier, faster and with less friction. It used to be a cumbersome work to process a customer order because the consequences had to be calculated in Excel. Now the planning staff can execute quick and precise analyses in ROB-EX so that the customer can get an almost immediate response.

New Supporter and Support Team Lead in ROB-EX Support

At the end of January, we said goodbye to Christoffer Bryld, after 4 years in ROB-EX Support. We thank Christoffer for his great commitment and for leading ROB-EX Support and establishing the formal and professional support department that we have today. We are very happy to announce that Katrine Tangaa Andresen, also ROB-EX Support and who many already know for great support and kindness, has taken over as Support Team Lead.