ROB-EX Scheduler is a tool dedicated to project manufacturing. It has been used and tested by project manufacturing companies in the Nordics and across Europe, and has been continually expanded and upgraded since 2002. ROB-EX Scheduler is a standard software solution, tailored to meet the specific requirements of project manufacturing, and is used in a broad range of industrial sectors.

Collecting multiple production orders into one delivery requires focus on sequencing and time management. It is often difficult to get an overview of the many deadlines that need to fit into the general project plan – particularly if you normally use excel spreadsheets and/or the less efficient tools provided by standard ERP systems. ROB-EX Scheduler is a tool developed by specialists in project manufacturing and it is the chosen solution for a broad range of project manufacturers across Europe. ROB-EX Scheduler makes your production scheduling transparent and flexible.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Engineer to order – individual and separate projects are set up to order
  • In production terms you deal with a single delivery, but with a multiplicity of different production orders
  • Several production activities are scheduled for concurrent executi
  • Scheduling includes coordination of sequencing (construction, production and assembly)
  • Multiple projects in progress at any given time
  • Flow and resource utilisation of several separate projects must be managed concurrently
  • Multi-project scheduling – the same staff and machines must carry out work on several separate project
  • Multiple production orders and purchased materials to be delivered on the same day – often from various locations
  • Customer changes in delivery date result in drastic changes in the production plan

Industries with project manufacturing include:

Building and construction

  • Steel construction for building
  • Staircases and balconies

Machine manufacturers

  • Machines for production
  • Processing plants

Technical services and consultancy

  • Contractors/developers
  • Service technicians


  • Vehicle adaptation
  • Servicing of vehicles

Voortmann Steel Machinery: Full process overview

Process overview = more efficient production Voortman Steel Machinery, a ROB-EX user, located in Rijssen, in the Netherlands designs, develops and produces machines and machinery for the steel and sheet ...

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