Delivery on time gives customers a better service at Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop

The production at Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop

Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop makes subcontractor work in CNC machining, and their production is highly automated. Deliveries consist mainly of medium-sized parts to various industries in all types of alloys and in accordance with the customer’s quality requirements. Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop has both one-off productions of complex workpieces as well as series with larger number of units.

In need of a good overview

As Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop got more and more orders it increased the need for a planning solution that could give a good and visual overview of the orders in the production. At the same time they wanted a tool that could ensure delivery dates were met, i.e. that the customers could be sure to receive their products on the agreed date.

Better service to customers

The solution to the problem was ROB-EX. Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop uses ROB-EX to schedule their entire production, thus ensuring that products reach the customers on time. Compliance with delivery dates are improved significantly and are generally kept for every order.

A standard feature in ROB-EX has ensured that the machine shop can manufacture just-in time, meaning that the products are ready on time and without taking up unnecessary space in the warehouse. Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop has customized the solution to fit exactly to their needs and requirements.

“ROB-EX provides a very good overview of the entire production and all the orders, and it has become an indispensable tool for us,” says Helle Madsen, who is responsible for the production scheduling at Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop.

Approx. 60 % of orders are one-off orders at Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop. Therefore, they still need to enter much information and this naturally takes some time. In return the scheduling on the orders that have standard routes are done very fast, and here the company saves valuable time.

The machine shop has integrated ROB-EX with the ERP system named C5. The two systems exchange the necessary data and ensure that all data in both systems are updated.

Following the implementation of ROB-EX the customers experience a better service and this will, according to Helle Madsen, give more customers and increase turnover.

Procurement will be joining

The ROB-EX work processes are clearly defined and trimmed and therefore Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop is not afraid to try out the other useful features in the program. Next step is to implement material management to get a better overview of what is in stock, what needs to be ordered, and when it needs to be ordered.

About the customer

Krogsgaard’s Machine Shop Ltd. is a metal processing company with both one-off productions and series with larger number of units. A lack of overview of the production orders because of growth made it necessary to have a planning tool that would ensure that all orders complied with delivery dates, thus increasing the company’s credibility as supplier. The solution was ROB-EX Scheduler.