Use this tool to analyze the current demand and supply situation based on production order BOM information in your current ROB-EX Scheduler plan.

This tool can provide additional insight into your multi-level BOM production.

To startup this tool:

  1. Right-click an operation in the Gantt chart belonging to an order that either produces or consumes a semi-finished or finished product.
  2. Then select the option Materials->Analyze dependencies->Forward/Backward.

The full BOM analysis is carried out and the result is shown in a tree-type table, allowing you to drill down into different demand/supply paths, that can be taken. Each row in the analysis result is a supply/demand pair. I.e. a production order supplying and a production order consuming a certain material.

Click the top-right settings button, to change analysis parameters.

  • The type of material to analyze for demand/supply relationship
  • Days forward/backward are the number of days to search within, from respectively the supply or demand date in question. Make this number smaller to limit possible solutions. A number of 2 forward days, means that on a forward search, the demand must be found from within a 2-day window of the supply.

Columns explained

Several different columns provide information about a given row. Let’s explain some of these columns:

Supplied by: The production order no. of the supplying order.
Used in: The production order no. of the consuming order.
Slack: The number of days between when the supplying operation ends and when the demanding operation starts.
Slack sum: The lowest slack sum from the current tree level, recursing down into its children. If the sum is negative you know it is not a viable solution, unless some of the involved orders are rescheduled.
Inventory including demand: The net inventory level of the specified material, after the amount demanded has been deducted. If this is negative, you know this may not be a viable supply chain, as the demand, with the current schedule, is not being met.

Example use cases

Determine semi-components/SKU’s affected by a delay in earlier levels of the BOM
Find one operation on the order which is going to be delayed. Right-click the operation in the Gantt chart. Then select the option Materials->Analyze dependencies->Forward. The nearest orders demanding the produced (supplied) material will now be shown. If more than a single order is found, analyze inventory columns, if the demand will be supplied even without the supply from the delayed order.

Discover which production orders are supplying a given semi-component/SKU
Find the semi-component production order in question. Right-click any of the operations of the order in the Gantt chart. Then select the option Materials->Analyze dependencies->Backward. The nearest orders supplying the semi-component order will now be shown. If more than a single order is found, analyze inventory columns, if the demand of the semi will be supplied, even without the supply from any of the previous orders.


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