This chapter explains how to edit existing routes or create new routes.

Please refer to the chapter Getting started – Creating master routes” for a full example on how-to create new master routes.

Changes to master routes made from “Edit->Routes” will impact only the master route and thus all subsequent orders making use of the route. Production orders already created, will not be affected by a change to the master route.

Click on… if you want to…
Edit resource Open the window Edit resource. Use this as a shortcut to add or remove resources
Edit operation Edit or create a template operation.
The button gives access to the window Edit operation. Existing template operations are visible in the left side panel of the edit route window.
New Create a new route.
Will prompt for the name of the new route. Enter a name and click OK – the new route is displayed in the top table. For a description of how to use the alternate route feature see: Getting started using alternate routes
The list Operations (the bottom table) is empty when the new route has been selected.
Operations can be added to a route with the function Add operation.
Properties Edit the properties for a route.
Edit routing details (including name and links to external documents).
Delete Remove an existing route.
Select the route and press the button “Delete”. Notice is it not possible to delete production order routes, only template routes can be deleted.
Copy Copy a route
Copy an existing route and save it as a new template route
Select the route to copy in the list of existing routes. Press the Copy button and enter the name of the new route. Press OK. Adjust the new route.
Advanced editing See separate section Advanced Editing
Filter options: In the upper right part of the “Edit->Routes” window, it is possible to filter between the type of routes being displayed
Note it is possible to simultaneously put a check mark in both “Templates” and “Specific” in which case the list of routes will be a mix between template routes and production order routes (the icon ahead of the route name indicates the type of the route).
Only show master routes. Modifications to a route will apply to the route master only, so a change will only impact new orders created after the route has been changed. Existing orders are not changed.
Only show production order routes. In this mode any modification made to a route will immediately take effect on existing production orders.
Selected order
Only show currently selected order. Cannot be manipulated manually!
w = d Set workload equal duration
This function is only available for operations assigned to resources without an active resource calendar. With this feature activated a change in duration is automatically copied into the workload field, thus making sure that workload and duration are always in sync.
Add operation Add a new operation to a route.
  1. First select the route to add the operation to
  2. Then select the operation you want to add in the left side list of master operations
  3. Click the right arrow button. The operation has now been added and will be visible in the bottom list Operations
  4. Further modify an operation setting, like selected resource, workload, etc.
    If the workload has to be calculated on basis of quantity produced and capacity (production rate) of the resource, the capacity of the resource also has to be adjusted. Double click capacity field to activate it and double click again to set the value.
Operations can be removed from the list Operations assigned to the route with the function Delete operation.
Split operation Split an operation in the route.
Select the operation and press the Split button. Enter the number of operations this operation should be split into. Distribute the workload, quantity or percentage between the operations.
Please note that this function is not available when editing a template operation.
Operation can be split directly in the Gantt chart using the split function in the shortcut menu.
Please read more here for further information.
Edit constraints Advanced editing of constraints
Freely add, remove and edit constraints between all operations of the route. As an example constraints with one to many or many to one relation ships between operations.
Please refer to chapter Constraint editor for further description.
Delete operation Remove an operation from a route.
Operations can be removed from the route by first selecting the route where the operation is to be removed from.
Then select the operation to be removed in the list Operations assigned to the route (the bottom table).
Press the “left arrow” button.


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