An activated license stays activated until any of these events occurs

  1. The license is manually deactivated by the user.
  2. The tamper-prevention mechanism of our license technology, detect the machine the license was activated on, has changed significantly.

Manually deactivate a license

  1. From your ROB-EX Client click Help->Register->Relicense.
  1. When reaching the status page, instead of an Activate button, there will be a Deactivate button. Clicking this will deactivate the license and the status page will update to reflect this.

Once a license has been deactivated, it may be used immediately after activation again on the same or a different machine.

Tamper-prevention mechanism detects a change

If you plan to change the network MAC address or change CPU version/type/id then remember to manually deactivate your license first and activate it again after the change. The license server creates a “fingerprint” of your server and the activation only stays valid if the machine appears to be the same. For a Local license this is your local machine. For a Floating license this is the machine hosting the ROB-EX Floating License Server.

A workaround is to place the ROB-EX Floating License Server service on hardware or VM’s where this CPU change does not happen. Notice that the ROB-EX Floating License Server can run independently from both ROB-EX Server and ROB-EX Client – the only network is required between the components. I.e. any small server will be able to host the ROB-EX Floating License Server.

License grace period

Whenever the ROB-EX license tamper-prevention mechanism is triggered, the user is granted a 14-day grace period to fix the license issue. During the grace period, ROB-EX clients will notify users about the grace period each time a ROB-EX client is started up. After the grace period end, a ROB-EX client is no longer able to start. The “grace periode” feature is available from v6.4.0.974 or later.

If you experience the grace period notification, make sure to contact your ROB-EX Partner or ROB-EX Support to have them perform a manual deactivation of the license in question, after which the license may be used for a new repeated activation.


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