Will import production orders from a CSV file. The format of the imported CSV file, must follow the format as configured for the CSV1 import integration module

Example parameter configuration

Parameter descriptions

(* = configuration required)

true = The import file will be deleted when the import has finished.
false = The import file will be left untouched.

fileName *
The path to the import file or directory. It is possible to specify a directory in order to import multiple import files – also see the filter parameter.

Rule 1: when fileName points to a directory then a file matching filter is imported only once. When the file is imported the date and time of the file is stored internally in the macro. Unless the file date and time is changed the file will not be re-imported. A file that has never been imported by the macro is imported no matter the date and time of the file.

Rule 2: If the path specified in fileName points to a real file (i.e. not a directory) then the file is imported every time the macro runs, i.e. the “import once” rule is not applied

Use this parameter if fileName is specified to a directory.
For instance the filter ‘nov*’ will cause all import files beginning with ‘nov’ to be imported.

If this is left empty all import files in the directory will be imported.

Internal use. Don’t change.

Internal use. Don’t change.

Specify directory where imported file(s) will be moved to after successful completed import. This parameter is ignored if deleteAfterImport is true.

true = Show possible errors which occurred during the import, when import has finished.
false = Don’t show errors.

timpFileName *
This type of text import needs a property file in order to map the various fields correctly.
If the property file is placed in a sub directory of the ROB-EX installation, this must be specified.

true = Block the current macro until this element has run to completion.
false = Continue to next macro command immidiately.


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